Brandl works as a fine art photographer bordering on painting and graphic design. In nature, in distant countries, in unexpected situations, Brandl often searches for unexpected views that are not necessarily apparent at first sight. In one of his latest projects he connected images of volcanoes with their mythological stories. He is dedicated to analogue photography and likes to take pictures with expired films and medium-format cameras. He then combines the theme of his series with unusual material, which he uses as image carriers: pictures of Kilimanjaro he let print on aged Japanese hand-made Kozo paper, the Indonesian volcano Tangkuban Parahu he had lasered on Italian Carrara marble. He had printed an experimental project for an outdoor presentation on tarpaulins.

He was the first German recently to win the renowned photographer of the year in Kenya.

He studied visual arts at New York University. He holds a BA from that school.

Geboren in Baden-Baden

Studium und künstlerischer Werdegang


Jurastudium, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität, München

1987-1991 Studium „Visual Arts“ und „TV-Journalismus“ an der New York University, BA
1992-1994 News Editor, Autor von Audio- und Filmprodukten, New York
1994-1996 Gründer, Kurator und Betreiber des Clubs TamTam, Prag, Tschechien
1996-2003 Musikjournalist und Drehbuchautor für Spiel- und Dokumentarfilme, Berlin
seit 2010 Intensivierung der Ausstellungstätigkeit als Bildender Künstler


2019 Bester Einzelfotograf, Wiesbadener Fototage
2015 Kenias Photograph des Jahres 2015
2014 2. Platz: „Die Schwarzwaldstadt Schramberg aus Sicht der zeitgenössischen Kunst“


L14 D15 HLH16, Erkundungen, Berlin 2107

The Circus of Sensuality, Avantgarde Prague in the early ‚90s, S. 485-493 in: CITY PRIMEVAL, New
York, Berlin, Prague, Hrsg. R. Carrithers, L. Armand, Prag 2017

Réunion, Einblattdruck, Nr. 118, Palm Art Press, Berlin 2017


Phone: +49 30 111111111
Mobile: +49 111 11 111 111